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Work Permit

Every year over 150,000 people from around the globe come to Canada to work for Canadian employers. Some of them come here for seasonal work like working in farms and ski resorts and others come here for a longer period of time like cooks, chefs , tradesmen , computer and network experts. This list is endless. Canadian employers who wish to hire foreign workers approach human resource Canada for approval of a Labour Market Impact Assessment Opinion (LMIA). There are some occupations that are exempt from LMAI so the employer doesn’t have to apply for this document with Human Resource Canada. For other categories that require an LMIA once the employer gets an approval the selected worker can apply for work visa at either the port of entry or Canadian high commission in the country of his or her residence.

Our specialization includes 

  • Processing Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Work permit processing (both inside and outside Canada)
  • Extension of work permits
  • Assistance in restoration of status
  • Change of condition if the employer wishes to hire a student or worker already in Canada.


Work permit application

Apart from the above we have a comprehensive range of services for employers. We keep track of all your foreign worker documentation processing. You or your Human resource department can rely on our expertise and we can keep track of all visa deadlines and dates. Employers can contact us and one of our experts will be more than happy to assist you, we are just a call away