Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

This is one of the most important and popular programs to gain permanent residence of Canada. The PNP program is very often considered an alternate to the federal skilled worker program by temporary foreign workers in Canada.

Almost all the provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that allows them to nominate applicants who wish to settle in the respective provinces. 

There are some benefits of this program. Every province has its own selection criteria. In most of the provinces, even applicants working in low skilled and entry level jobs may be eligible for nomination and language testing requirements are not as strict as the federal program. In some provinces it is not a point based system so it is relatively easy to qualify. However, please check with us to know if your province has a point based system or not.

Temporary foreign workers already working in Canada have a good chance of being nominated in the province where they are working. Programs like BC PNP can be helpful for faster immigration. Once the province nominates the applicant, an application for permanent residence must be filed with IRCC within a specified time.

Some provinces also provide an option to apply for an open work permit to applicants who have been nominated. Being nominated by the province, however, does not guarantee permanent residence. The applicant must meet all other statutory requirements laid by IRCC including and not limited to the applicants being able to be economically established.

Meeting all these conditions successfully, will result in a permanent residence visa being issued.


  • Faster Processing
  • IELTS not required in some categories
  • Applicants can apply without previous experience in some categories
  • Low skilled occupations can also gain permanent residence
  • Options under BC PNP
  • Business Immigration
  • Low skilled occupations in the hospitality industry
  • Post Graduates may be eligible without a job offer
  • Truck Drivers can gain permanent residence

What Next?

Please call us to know more about the programs available in your province. If you are an employer and wish to get your employees nominated from your province please speak to one of our experts and know the complete process of how to get Canadian permanent residence on a provincial basis.