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Student Lounge

Canada has been one of the favorite destinations for Students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. Students come to Canada from over 100 countries and enjoy one of the most multicultural and diverse atmosphere while studying in institutions which pride themselves with high quality of education and research opportunities.

Canadian educational institutions that accept foreign student range from schools, colleges to universities. Students study at various levels here

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate
  • Degrees
  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Master’s Degrees PhD 

Our Services for Students We have a comprehensive list of services that we provide to students who are planning to come to Canada for higher education or who are already in Canada and require services here.

 Study in Canada

University and College Selection

The first step is to short list the colleges or universities that best suit your academic profile, study goals, location preferences available programs, financial positions, aspirations and life-style. Course / Program

Course / Program Selection

Selecting the Right Study Program: We take into consideration several factors when we help you choose the right program for you. This is one of the most important steps as we have seen on more than one occasion that students are unable to complete the program if they choose a wrong course.


Every college and university receives more several times more applications than the available seats, incomplete applications either result in delays or refusal of admission. We place special emphasis on the application preparation to make sure that chances of your getting selected in the desired program are very high. Our follow up procedure makes sure that we provide any other document or information that the institution requires in a timely manner.

Visa Application

Our Certified immigration consultants make sure that the application is filed as per the guidelines issued by the various visa offices across the globe. some of the applications are filed under the SPP(Student Partnership Program) and others filed as regular applications. Both the processes require a different approach to visa application. Our emphasis on financial documents and professionally written statement of purpose provides a value addition to the application. Since most of our team members are Canadian residents or citizens we can guide you in an appropriate manner during the pre-departure briefing about the new place, available accommodation, post-arrival problems and much more.

Post Graduate Work Permit

Post Graduate Work Permit & Regular Work Permit: Most of the post secondary programs which are longer than one year duration will allow the student to apply for a post graduate work permit which enables the student to gain valuable work experience with any employer. We can help you with the application. We also help students who have been offered employment by the employers in Canada and would like to change their status from student to worker. Our services include visa extensions and all services that students require while they are in Canada. If you want to discuss your chances of immigration under the Canadian Experience Class please feel free to schedule an appointment with our experts for a free counselling