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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can Sponsor?

Canadian citizens & Permanent Residents can sponsor their spouse, Common law partner or conjugal partner and dependent Children


I live with my spouse outside Canada. Can I still sponsor my spouse?

Canadian Citizens living outside Canada do have an option of sponsoring their spouse , common law partner or conjugal partner. They have to provide a settlement plan as to how they will settle in Canada once their partner is granted a visa. Permanent Residents living outside Canada cannot be a sponsor

I am not working right now, can I sponsor my spouse?

If you are sponsoring a spouse , common law or conjugal partner then you can still qualify without income.


I Filed a bankruptcy and it is still undischarged. Can I sponsor my spouse

No, if you have an undischarged bankruptcy you cannot sponsor your spouse, common law or conjugal partner

How Long does it take to get a visa?

There are several factors that determine the processing time. Apart from the time taken by the visa offices, sometimes incomplete applications lead to delay. Current processing times of each visa office is available on the Government of Canada website.

My spouse has a medical condition, can she immigrate to Canada

Yes, you can. Please talk to our experts as we need to know more about the condition and then we can guide you.

Can my spouse get the medical examination done from any Doctor

No, only designated medical practitioners can conduct medical examination that is accepted by immigration Canada.

My spouse in already in Canada can I sponsor him while he is here in Canada

Yes, sponsors have an option of sponsoring inside as well as outside Canada.


Is sponsoring inside Canada Faster

Not always, Normally some visa offices have a processing time much faster than the inside Canada option. You can talk talk to us to know more about the difference between the two and your appeal rights in both cases


If I file my application inside Canada, can my spouse work here while her application is processed?

Depending on her current immigration status, if she is on a work permit or open work permit she might be able to work. however if her current status doesn’t allow her to work then till she gets a permission from Immigration Canada she is not allowed to work or study in Canada.

Do I have to use a Consultant

Hiring a consultant is your choice. You can file your own application as well, Immigration consultants are trained and regulated. They are up to date with regulations and have experience in handling visa matters. So when the matter is as serious and important as immigration it is advisable to use the services of an expert.

Is Zenith Consultants Expert in spousal applications?

Yes, We have several years of experience handling spousal applications. We have helped applicants both inside as well as outside Canada successfully.

What is your way of working?

We have a very transparent way of working. We spend ample time on each application and make sure a complete and professionally prepared application is submitted to the visa office. We are always open to discussions with our clients and are available all through the process. For us you are not a file number but a person who wants to bring family to Canada, We will answer any questions that you have before the application is filed and all through the process.

Are you more expensive than other consultants?

No, Our services are reasonably priced and we guarantee excellent customer service. Please note that some consultants may be charging a lower fee but please make sure that you are getting the service that you expect as well. The process of sponsorship can sometimes take around 2 years so will your consultant be available all through the process or will you have access to only voice mails ,Please make sure before you hire someone. As mentioned earlier our customer service is our pride.

I haven’t decided if I should retain a consultant or do it myself, Can I meet you and discuss it more without paying you anything

Ofcourse, we provide free initial consultation and the initial consultation is not limited to 15 minutes, talk to us as long as you want , ask as many questions as you want and then decide which way you want to go.