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Immigration Canada |Common Mistakes People Make

A lot of people decide to file their applications for temporary and permanent residence for Canada on their own or rely on friends and relatives. Some of the common mistakes that we have seen in the past can be summarized as

Wrong Fees : A lot of people send an application with a wrong fee and this causes delay in the processing of the application or in most cases the application is returned back.

Incorrect Photos : Immigration Canada has a photo specification for each type of application and applicants cannot use the same photo for visa applications and citizenship, a lot of people send wrong photos or do not include the correct number of photos.

Wrong forms: Immigration Canada changes forms on a regular basis and in a lot of cases we have seen applicants downloading the forms, completing them and then holding them for a few weeks and then submitting them. In some cases these forms have changed or have been updated resulting in the application being sent back

Missing Documents: Document checklist is a good way to make sure all the documents are included with the application, however a lot of applicants either forget or unknowingly fail to include all relevant documents in the application. This is a major cause of refusals and delays

We will discuss other items on this in our next post. If you are planning to make an application for Canadian visa or immigration, please talk to our experts. We make sure your application is complete and professionally presented to the visa office.

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