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Immigration Canada | Are students left behind in Express Entry

The Express entry program that was introduced in beginning this year has been receiving applications from different categories of applicants. One of the sections of applicants are the international students who have completed their post secondary education in Canada and are on an open work permit. As per Immigration Canada these applicants do not need an approved job offer to apply under Express entry , but most of the students are worried that what are the chances of being successfully accepted under this program without a job offer.

Applicants with an approved job offer get an additional 600 points while the students who are already working with a post graduate work permit will not be getting these 600 points. This is making things difficult for students. If you or some one you know are planning to apply for permanent residence please talk to us


You may apply under the express entry even if you are outside Canada and dont have a job offer. Students in Canada on a post graduate work permit may also apply under the PNP program if they are eligible.