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Common Law Partner | Sponsorship

Several Couples in a relationship who are not yet married often look at applying for permanent residence in Canada under the common law partner option of the family class sponsorship. they have this understanding that they have been living together for some time so they should qualify as a common law. As per the Immigration Canada definition of common law is as under


You may apply to sponsor a common-law partner, of the opposite sex or the same sex. If so, you have to prove you have been living with your partner for at least 12 consecutive months in a relationship like a marriage. That means living together for one year without any long periods where you did not see each other. Either partner may have left the home for work or business travel, family obligations, and so on. However, that separation must have been temporary and short.


Apart from this there are several other factors that have to be taken care of before you decide which route to follow for your sponsorship. We offer absolutely free initial consultation for you to understand the process. Call us today and talk to our experts about the available options at 604.543.0024