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Spousal Sponsorship – Ineligible Sponsors

For a spousal, common law or conjugal application to be processed the sponsor has to make an application for sponsorship. Not all Canadians would qualify as a sponsor. There are some conditions that make then ineligible to sponsor their partner to Canada. Some of the conditions that make the sponsor ineligible are a default in making an immigration loan payment, having undischarged bankruptcy, being involved in serious criminality. If the sponsor was himself or herself sponsored to come to Canada in the last 5 years there is a possibility that they may be ineligible. There are several other factors that should be considered before an application for sponsorship is made.

In lot of cases applicants are unaware of these conditions and when they receive a negative decision from Immigration Canada they are left devastated emotionally and sometimes financially.

Apart from the above mentioned matters the sponsored person can also be ineligible for permanent residence. We often get inquiries from applicants who are living together as common law. Any two persons simply living together may not be eligible for a common law sponsorship. We would like to talk to you on this matter and we welcome you for a free consultation session. Know more about the available options, processing times and how to process this application.

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